Yurt Making Workshop (New Zealand)


Yurt Building Workshop using upcycled materials,  Saturday 1st April 2017 NZ

FREE. Those attending the course will receive a free solid tarp. 6m x 3m  (recycled advertising signs)

The yurt we will build is different to the one above. The one on the right is from pallets ours will be

crisscrossed slats like the one on the left which make it collapsible.

We will be building a 6m diameter yurt in a day.

First we will create the walls from wooden slats (50 x 13 x 2350mm), the roof structure from 50 x 50mm wood. We will then build the structure from these and clad it with recycled pvc sheet advertising signs.

Much of the groundwork will be done before the course to facilitate the learning outcome and flow. E.g. crown, door and frame, made. Walls and rafters partially made.

Yurts are simple to build, sturdy, aesthetically pleasing structures for many purposes. This structure will be collapsible and easily transportable.


Enthusiasm and willingness to jump in and have a go, you don’t need any previous experience.

Learning outcomes:

  • Simple building techniques
  • Creative use of tools
  • Different ways of using upcycled materials
  • Knowing how to build a largish yurt (6m dia.) for a cost of approx. $500
  • Note book and camera could be useful.

Date: Saturday 1st April 2017

Venue: Haumoana ( 15min from Napier), Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

Time: 10am – 5pm

Suitability: older teens – adult

More information: Visit my website   rubberbandray.com

Cost: $100 per person, $30 deposit. Limited to 10 people for best teaching outcome.

Enquiries and/or Bookings: email  razedward@gmail.com   or phone 0223482332

Gear List:

  • bring lunch and snacks. Tea provided
  • working clothing (hot, cool or wet conditions). This is Hawkes Bay.

My Background.

I have a background in Engineering (B Mech. Eng.) and teaching Physics, Science and Mathematics in secondary schools for over 19 years.

I have the ability to problem solve using what is available which involves upcycling anything creatively to a large extent.

See you there.

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