Winding Leads and Hoses Afterthoughts.

Leads and Hoses.

Hope you enjoyed my video on winding hoses and leads. I was thinking after how I could have included how my Dad taught me the hose coiling one.

I remember as a youngster I used to watch my dad coil the garden hose. I used it one time and wound up the hose and proudly said to dad, look dad I wound up the hose. He said in his straight forward way “Yea but it’ll just get tangled when you pull it out” I went oooh, cringe slightly. “Well how do you do it then.” He showed me and I’ve used it since. Amazing what we pick up from our parents, whether we like it or not. I wonder who taught him or did he come up with it.

I have since thought of another way I use for really long extension leads. I’ll do a video in the future but it’s basically doubling up the lead and doing the chain stitch, then it unfolds really easily. No tangles what so ever.

So keep tuned in for more tips, tricks, hacks or whatever you want to call it.



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