Travelling Part of The Inca Trail in Four Days


Part of The Inca Trails

There are a few parts of the Inca trail to be explored. To go on these trails permission is needed.

The Peruvian Government has Strict control on the amounts of people using them to minimise the environmental impact and                                                              give work to the people.

For example you have to hire a guide or be in a tour and have a permit for Machu Picchu.


Starting This Portion Of The trail

Our tour took 4 days. One of these days was cycling down a huge mountain pass.

The next three days  involved walking through The Amazon Jungle staying in small towns and passing through villages on the way.


The shots below depict the scenery and some interesting aspects of the journey I found intriguing.

Next part of the trip will be moving on to Machu Picchu.

Does anyone have any travel stories to share.

I enjoy doing these videos, pictures and blogs and appreciate having the time to do it.

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