Home Made Bide

Bide DIY improvisation

This video shows how to make a bide from a recycled toilet cleaner bottle. It is an effective way of cleaning your bum after pooing. A much cleaner and environmentally friendly way than using toilet paper.The cleaner bottle operates horizontally and part of a plastic drink bottle is glued in for easy refilling. A stool can be used to put your feet on to make the large intestine open easily for evacuation of the bowels or you can perch on the bowl like I do in the video.

About ray

As I have gone through life, I have gained many skills, many of them learnt from other people and keen observation. I am a maker at heart, giving a lot of attention to detail. Paramount in my life, is doing it in an effective and efficient way as possible, while spending little on resources. I like to improvise, use initiative and make do with whatever is at hand, upcycling as much as possible in problem solving situations.

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