Getting ready

Loading gear.

Can’t believe how much gear we’re taking to the Earthsong festival. Mind you I’ve got someone else’s yurt on my trailer too. Actually packing for 6people, I forget how much gear s needed. Been used to traveling with just a pack, this is real camping. Fires, grates, pots, bedding. Actually bedding takes sooo much room.

Looking forward to the site crew part and being with my boy Jimmy. He’ll be here for a few weeks. One week on site crew, One at the festival and few days either side touristing.

Picking him up in 2 weeks. Excited.

About ray

As I have gone through life, I have gained many skills, many of them learnt from other people and keen observation. I am a maker at heart, giving a lot of attention to detail. Paramount in my life, is doing it in an effective and efficient way as possible, while spending little on resources. I like to improvise, use initiative and make do with whatever is at hand, upcycling as much as possible in problem solving situations.

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