Cusco Built On Incan Foundations.

Cradle Of Ancient Empires

In the vast Incan Empire, Peru’s power and gold attracted the Spanish conquistadors who used it to fund their own vast empire in the Americas. As a result, colonial towns like the incredible Cusco were built on Incan foundations, making for a diverse mix of cultures.

Peru has many Incan sites, one of the most famous being the “lost city” of Machu Picchu, whose incredible image is found everywhere from encyclopedias to travel brochures. Peru also has natural gifts as well. A large part of the Amazon rainforest is in its borders and visitors can hike through jungle and trek in the Andes.


K800_Plaza de Armas in CuscocpdThis square is surrounded by many churches and wonderful buildings from the Colonial era.

Observe the hive of activity as people go about their business in the city’s central square, an urban meeting place since the time of the Incas.



K800_Inca dresscpdThis was in the high Andes but can be seen in the Plaza de Armas when groups are performing.

As you can see this traditional dress is colourful.  It is basically worn in ceremony and performances. Many of the young people won’t wear it. They are becoming Westernised.

Incredible Site one hrs drive from Cusco.

K800_village near cuscocpdMoray or Muray (Quechua) is an archaeological site in Peru approximately 50 km (31 mi) northwest of Cuzco on a high plateau at about 3,500 m (11,500 ft) and just west of the village of Maras.

The range of temperature from the bottom growing area to the top is quite marked. This would have allowed for quite a diverse range of food types to be grown.

Cusco Market

K800_The Marketcpd

Pulses, grains and all sorts of cooking necessities.

K800_Cows heads, marketcpd

Cows head snack.









The streets

_Jamming in the streets.

Jamming in the streets.

K800_Streets of Cusco. Give way to Lamas.

Streets of Cusco. Give way to Lamas.












This link gives an overall view and is jam packed with information.

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