Yurt Plans

Here are the plans for a yurt that was built at the Dec 2015 Workshop. These are the scale drawings and mathematical calculations for working out the various yurt dimensions.

Yurt Scale drawing.

Yurt Scale drawing

Mathematical yurt calculations.

Mathematical yurt calculations.

April 2015 Workshop

Building a Pallet Yurt in a day.

The team built a yurt from pallets and other materials in a day.
This involves stripping the hazel rods which would be used for the rafters.
We also prepared the ground to create level posts for the walls to sit on. the walls were made from upcycled pallets.
Then the exterior cladding was put on. The exterior is recycled adverts, these are made from a very strong, flexible PVC tarps.
The weather was pretty awful that day, but everyone came prepared with wet gear and got the job done.

December 2015 Workshop

Building a Pallet Yurt in a Day

This was a very productive day. A great team got stuck into the various jobs that needed doing.

First job was to strip the bark off the hazel rods which were to be used for the rafters.

Stripping bark with a sharpened spade attached to a pallet.

Stripping bark with a sharpened spade attached to a pallet.

Spades were sharpened and clamped in position. Then, in teams of two, we scraped the rods over the spades, stripping the bark off in sections






The next job was to manage the pallets for the walls.

Again this was done in teams of two. The pallets were matched up. Stabilising pieces of wood were nailed on to connect them. Then these pairs were brought together, angles checked and the exterior wall was created.

Next up is preparing the exterior cladding. We used recycled adverts, they are made from a heavy duty pvc. We cut them to measure and glue them together. The glue used was Tec7, which is quite thick and requires smearing and spreading it on to the surface. Then we put the edges together and used a roller to smooth them together. Bricks were placed on top and left for an hour to bond effectively.

A major job is putting the rafters on, all hands on deck for this job.

Finally, we put the cladding around the exterior and on the roof.

The structure is now waterproof and solid. A man can swing off the central crown ring!

Team photo from December 2015 workshop

December 2015

Job well done!!

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