Pot Lid Improvisation.

Pot Lid Improvisation.

This video shows how to make a  simple pot lid for a camping situation. A piece of galvanised iron is used, flattened with a car by rolling over it on concrete. The right diameter is marked out and cut out. A piece of wood is then attached by screwing on. The sgde prahes are then taken off by rubbing with a pottery cup.

Pot Handles

This shows how to make a wire handle for a pot with two side handles. Bend a piece of wire and hook it around the handle on one side of the pot. Do the same for the other side. These small attachments are what your loop handle will attach to. Cut a piece of wire long enough for the hoop handle between the two wire attachments. Bend two small loops on either end of the hoop handle, place these loops through the wire attachments and close them up with the pliers. You now have a single hoop handle.

 Click here to see a video of how to make pot handles.

Wash up system

Wash Up System in a group setting

The idea is that as each person finishes eating, they go to where the basins are set up and wash their own gear. Each person is responsible for their own eating equipment, no matter what age they are! An excellent addition to this system is the idea that you only use your own eating equipment.

Lots of hot water will be needed, so while dinner is being prepped and cooked, hot water needs to be heating up.

While one person is serving, another from the cooking team sets up the Wash Up System.

Three basins will be needed. They will be set up from left to right.

Clean and scrape your plate into the fire or compost as appropriate.

  1. First basin on the left is for the heavy dirt, first dipping! Not much wash up liquid is needed here but a scrubbing brush is handy in this basin.
  2. Second basin is for cleaning, so there will be wash up liquid and another scrubbing brush.
  3. Third basin is the final rinse. This should be as hot as you can handle as from here it will go in your mouth. If you are concerned, you can use 1 or 2 drops of Tea Tree Oil to this basin.

Leave to air dry, using a dirty tea towel will undo all your good work!

Click here to see a video of the Wash Up system in action.