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Ray Edward


Welcome to my personal site. Thanks for stopping by to see my biography.


Welcome to my personal site. Thanks for stopping by to see my biography.

RubberbandRay or Ray Edward is my name. I have a background in Engineering (B Mech Eng’g) in Australia and taught Physics, Science and Mathematics in secondary schools for over 19 years in NZ.

You may wonder how I got the name RubberbandRay. I enjoy problem solving using what is available and upcycling anything creatively. In the process of doing this more often than not there is the use of rubber bands or rubber which has been cut from car, tractor, bike or truck tubes and tyres.

I use the rubber bands from tractor tubes to make structures amongst other things and bike tubes for small jobs like sealing bags of food. They have many more uses of which you will see on my website.

I first saw the use of rubber bands like this as a boy when my Dad used to cut rubber rings from car tubes to hold the tent poles together when we went camping and it went from there.

A Quick Biography.

I have a wonderful partner Claire.

My parents passed away many years ago and I have two older brothers.

I have three children to another partner. Two boys and a girl ranging from 30 to 38. The middle one Amy was killed in a car accident nine years ago. She is still deeply present in my heart.

Primary Residence.

Haumoana, Hawkes Bay, NZ

Past Employment

Engineer. Teacher(Steiner School) and self employed.

My Market

Anyone wishing to change their emotional and financial lives being their own boss and working at home on line.

My Work

Empowered marketing. The Six Figure Mentors.

Favourite Business book and/or videos.

Rich Dad Poor Dad.  “Robert Kyosaki” (book)

The Secret  “Rhonda Byrne”   (book and video)

American Experience  “Henry Ford”  (Video)

My Values

Family, Self awareness, Personal growth, Love, Integrity

Freedom, Enjoyable work and success.


Playing music with people (guitar, tin whistle and bass)

Upcycling, making things for nothing and being creative in the process.

Kitesurfing, snowkiting, hiking, reading, yoga and meditation.